How can i find my website’s old backup if I lost all backup

Keeping website backup is very important for a webmaster / website owner. A webmaster should keep full backup of website which he designed. Otherwise his all handwork will be lost. A website owner of Blog website / newspaper website should keep all posts and media’s backup regularly. There are many ways to keep website backup / website post’s backup.  I hope In Sha ALLAh ,  in future, i will write about How to backup website in various ways.


Think, if you are a hosting provider with 100+ website and your server has crashed include  all backup files and you have not backed up any file externally. Or you are a website owner of a blog site or Online Newspaper site and unfortunately you lost your data. what you should do?


Today I will tell you about a fruitful method by which you can get your websites snapshot / screenshot / cached data of any old date .

Method 1 : Google Cache

From google cache, you can get your websites cashed data, if your website already indexed in search engine.

Go to and search your website name , or any link of your website

In the search result, you can see an arrow beside search result, click there and click on cached.

how to find website form google cache

After clicking on cached, you can see the old dated cache of your website like bellow:


Method 2: Archieve,org is a non profit organization which runing since 1993. This site is a big online library where you can find  Cached page  of over 345 billion websites in vacuous date. Just go to, search your website and enjoy the result.

The main feature of archive org is  you can see result of different years different dates.  By this you can see winch website looks how / containing what  in diffident dates. Another website archive directory is where you can get cached backup of your site.









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