Best Free Antivirus For PC using Google Chrome

Antivirus is needed to protect our PC from virus, malware and harmful software which may damage our PC.  Virus and malware may slow or PC, damage useful data , crash operating system. Malware and internet thereat  may stole our valuable data like password, data, money of online banking or credit card etc.

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To protect our PC from virus and malware, we use antivirus software . Basically antivirus software’s price are very high, so most people use free antivirus. Some popular antivirus company like Avast, kaspersky, ESET have also free antivirus.

Today I will tell you about a build in antivirus software/ virus scanner free which already available on your pc- if you use Google Chrome web browser,  but you don’t know. ( if you use windows 10, there are build in windows defender available with your operating system).

Now i am going to show you, how you can use free virus scanner on your PC, lets start.

1. First start your google chrome browser .

2 .  Then click three dots from right bar , and click on settings .

Google chrome free antivirus 1


3. Go to button of the page and click on “Advanced”

Fre antivirus, free malware, free chrome antivirus

4. Again, Go to button and click on ” Clean Up Computer”

5. Click on find option beside: Find and remove harmful software.

Free visus scan and clen up pc

If you find any virus, just clean and by this way, you can use a high quality virus scanner which already have on your PC, and if you feel any problem on using this method, let us know on the comment section.




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