How can I hide my wifi router signal

Totday I will tell you an amazing WIFI tips, by which  you can hide your wifi signals and nobody can hack your wifi / use you wifi even tough they know wifi passwords.

Why you do this : When you can’t protect your wifi by changing WIFI password again and again  or by MAC binding, blocking MAC/ Users, this is the right way. Even your friend / relative will not mind because they will never know you are using wifi on your home / office. Your friend or relative will never ask you to give them  wifi password. Lets know how to hide wifi network and connect hidden wifi with phone / computer.


How to hide wifi signal:

At first login to your wifi router by entering login ip of your router in web browser. Most common ip of wifi router is ( for all tp link router) ( for Mercusis router )

or check behind your router, you can see default login ip, username and password like following .


After login using username and password, will see router dashboard




  1. Go to wireless section
  2. Click on wireless settings
  3. Write netork name / network SSID. My suggestion is , use easy SSID, because you have to mind it and put it mannually on your pc and phone .
  4.  Untick “ENABLE  SSID BROADCAST” and press save .
  5. Enable SSID Broadcast – If you select the    ( Enable SSID Broadcastcheckbox, the wireless router will broadcast its name (SSID) on the air and if you unpick , wireless router will not  broadcast its name ) .

How to connect hidden wifi with my device :

After you hide your WiFi network, you can;t see any WiFi signal on your phone.  Just on your WiFi, click on more, click on add network, Enter network SSID (which you have write on  wifi router) , select security type: WPA/ WPA2,  enter your wifi password and connect.

On your pc, you can see name ” Hidden Network, Click there, enter Network name / SSID ( what you have put on your routers SSID section.

Then enter password and connect .


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