What is Load Balancing Router

The word “Load Balancing” is very familiar to whom, who does Broadband Internet (ISP) business.  There are some powerful router used to load balance of multiple ISP’s bandwidth.


What Is Load Balancing Router?

Load balancing router is one kind of networking device which is able to load balance sharing bandwidth of multiple WAN internet bandwidth/connectivity.  Load Balancing router mixes or combines multiple ISP’s bandwidth and share it to client’s PC.

For Example:  IF you have a load balancing router of Multiple WAN ports: ( ex: you have 5 Multi-Wan port) . You purchased 5 sharing internet connection – each connection 8Mb and combines it with a load balancing router. When you test your internet speeds, you will see that your total speed shows almost 40Mbps.

Facilities of multi-WAN “Load Balancing Router” :

  1. You can use multiple ISP’s bandwidth using one device. No ISP guarantee you 100% Uptime.
  2. When one Internet service providers line down, another will backup you so that you will get 100% uptime on your internet.
  3. You can maximize your profit by selling shared internet and balancing them.  If you run a small broadband business, it will help you to get a High return on Investment.
  4.  Some load balancing router Provides client account and also network management facilities for admin users which also supports PPPoE Server. That mean you can sale PPoE conceptions and all of your LAN user can’t connect to the internet if the not login with PPPoE user password.
  5. You can combine high rate ISP with low rate ISP and it will lead to average your bandwidth cost.

Some Examples of Multi-WAN Load Balancing Router:

  1. TP-LINK TL-R480T+ Load Balance Broadband Router.
  2. PePlink Multi-WAN Internet Load Balance.
  3. Mikrotik Router.

Depending on your user rate, you have to choose hardware. If you have to manage a huge amount of user, you should choose a high configuration device which has high RAM,  CPU clock speed and cache.

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